Illuminate Georgia


“With its murmuring, hyper flexed human marionettes as a three-dimensional dynamic canvas, the piece used abstract digital imagery in a remarkable and surprising way, so as to genuinely "sculpt the human body with light". Glowing heat spots, bleeding whirlpools and ultrasound clips were projected onto unusually posed organic forms on a dark stage, naked, limbs protruding. Driven by a pulsating soundtrack which thankfully sustained both rhythmic and metric momentum, the result was spooky, unearthly, very Blair Witch.”


Amodonna Plume, Arts Hub


Illluminate Georgia existiert an der Schnittstelle von Körper und digitalen Bildern. Durch den Einsatz von Videoprojektionen werden die Körper der Performerinnen mit Licht modelliert sowie deren Bewegungen vereffektiert –   der reale Körper in einen imaginären Körper umgewandelt.


Concept and Choreography: Alva Morgenstern


Visuals: Alva Morgenstern


Original Music: Alva Morgenstern

Additional Music: Hedningarna


Premiere: Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House, London


Supported by Chisenhale Dance Space